There is a limited illustrated edition of 200 for £15 + Post and Packaging.

Each 6″ x 9″ copy comes in its own specially-designed musette (cyclists’ feed bag) and is printed on 115 gsm paper, double the weight of the pages of a standard paperback.

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A print-on-demand paperback (6" x 9", with three interior illustrations) Is available for $9.50/ £6.99 at Amazon.

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Kindle version

£2.62 Amazon.

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‘A great read, blending everyday myths of the peloton with bidons of black humour, witty characterisation and quirky observation.’

Blazin’ Saddles, Eurosport blogger

‘More twists and turns than the ascent of Alpe D’Huez as (the story) crosses from sport into dark fantasy and horror.’

The Inner Ring